My Eternal Roses is an exquisite floral atelier founded on luxury, romance and personality. Our Flora Artisans are Certified Preserved Flowers Specialist and have immutable passion for Preserved Flora Artistry.

With a cohesive devotion for renown and quality, My Eternal Roses uses the most immaculate roses, that are 100% natural flowers – preserved to perfection, presenting you ever lasting beauty.

At My Eternal Roses, we are passionate to work closely with you, about crafting exclusive floral creations according to your specifications.  Each production is a work of art and handcrafted with love and care. It is our devotion to amaze and satisfy you with our opulent range of preserved flower creations that will impress and provide lasting memories to those whom you choose to give to at any occasion.

My Eternal Roses includes free delivery above $150 worth of purchase.

Why Preserved Flowers?
Preserved Flowers are real flowers that have been specially treated to make its beauty last! This makes them the perfect choice for practical and long-lasting display!

What are Preserved Flowers?