Reed Scented Fragrance Diffuser with Preserved Christmas Rose Display


Fragrance Diffusers are great Christmas Presents as it can be used to add aroma to the room to enhance the Christmas Spirit! The Acrylic Base is surrounded by Preserved Roses and can always be used again with any new Diffuser bottle! It is a great Home Decor, when not in used, you can cover the base again. A Timeless gift that can always be re-used. The Scent of the Diffuser we include in this Gift package is: Pomegranate Noir.

Dimensions: 100ml Glass Bottle Diffuser, Acrylic Display: 7cm(H) x 15cm(D), consist of 5 small preserved roses, 4 types of foliage, white baby breath, eucalyptus leaves, 2 different coloured hydrangeas.

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Out of stock

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As all items are handmade with love, each item will not be identical.
Our Preserved Roses are real and fresh, kept in a room with Dehumidifier which removes moisture and maintain its condition. 

*Care Note on Preserved Roses*
They are able to stay vibrant up to a year when there is no direct contact to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture. No watering or maintenance is required.
We provide packets of Silica Gel for each purchase, to even further maintain the lifespan of the Roses and color, even after a year.