Peony Faux Fleur Decor


This Chinese New Year 2022, we have decided to create a decoration piece which is not only sustainable, but affordable! It is fully handmade with Faux Flowers and Preserved Foliages, along side with CNY ornaments. It is a perfect hanging wall decoration for your living area to enhance the Chinese New Year festive vibe!

Contents: Faux Peony, Faux Red Berry, Faux Cherry Blossom, Dried Setarea, Dried Wheat, Preserved Melaleuca Bracteata, Ornaments, Wood Wreath.
Dimensions: 26cm in Diameter

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As all items are handmade with love, each item will not be identical.
Our Preserved Roses are real and fresh, kept in a room with Dehumidifier which removes moisture and maintain its condition. 

*Care Note on Preserved Roses*
They are able to stay vibrant up to a year when there is no direct contact to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture.
No watering and minimal maintenance is required.
We provide care card for each purchase, to even further maintain the lifespan of the Roses and color, even after a year.

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Pink Peony Faux Flower, Red Peony Faux Flower